Photo Blogging Challenge – Pretty in Pink (May 2019)

The actual theme for this month is your month, your choice. I look forward more than usual to blog hopping this month, since each post is going to be a surprise.

My choice? Our ornamental crab apple tree, which usually reaches peak blossom over the Victoria Day (May) long weekend each year. This year’s full bloom was about 10 days late, on May 30th.

1. Blowin’ in the wind

Why fight the wind? When strong wind gusts started blowing petals off the tree, I knew I had only a short window of time to photograph our front yard crab apple tree in its 2019 full blossom glory. Rather than fight the wind, I set up my tripod, mounted an 8-stop ND filter to my lens and took several half-second exposures. Then I composited 5 images using the “lighter” blending option. I hope the final result conveys a sense of blossom-laden branches blowin’ in the wind.

Windblown crab apple tree

2. Motherlode

A little later in the day, the wind died down. I worked my way in towards the trunk of the tree and looked up, aiming to fill the entire frame with blossoms.

Crab apple blossoms

3. Past and present

A few of last year’s crab apples still hang from the tree. They look wrinkled and rotten – a stark contrast to this year’s blooms.

Past year apple current year apple blossoms

4. Pollinators at work

I spotted only a few bumblebees. Other pollinators were at work, too, including tiny wasps and bee-flies, like this one.

Pollinator on crab apple blossom

5. One blossom

The wind blew spray from the lawn sprinklers onto the blossoms.

Water drops on crab apple blossom

And here’s a bonus, showing how quickly petals were accumulating on the driveway by the end of the day…

Crab apple blossom petals

That’s it from me this month. Head on over to PJ’s blog to view his photos for the month. At the bottom of his post you’ll find the link up to all the other participants in May.

While you’re there, please consider joining us in June – the more, the merrier! I treat the PBC like a low-pressure photography assignment. The theme will be posted on A ‘lil HooHaa at the beginning of the month, so there’s lots of time to get five photos. The amount of accompanying text is up to you. What do you say? Are you in?

7 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge – Pretty in Pink (May 2019)

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  2. Beautiful job. My friend Tamara told me about this challenge and I joined for June. Thought I’d make my way around to see what May had in store and so glad I did. Cherry blossoms are one of my favorite like dogwood trees they do not last long.
    Dawn ~ Spatulas On Parade

  3. This was a great idea for this theme. I like how you kind of took us through a process and to be able to see things in a different way. The closeups are fantastic as the colors really do pop. Well done!

  4. 2 things I loved, the vibrance in your pinks where fabulous and 2 your way of telling a story with the over all subject buy using a healthy flow from establishing to close up shots. Absolutely great work.

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