Hiking Yoho National Park – Opabin Plateau

Opabin West and East trails anchor an easy loop to Opabin Plateau – a beautiful, rocky hanging valley above Lake O’Hara. The plateau is dotted with multiple alpine lakes, offers spectacular views of Lake O’Hara valley and is criss-crossed by a network of trails that pass multiple waterfalls, larch trees and more.


Summer 2018 Exhibitions at Esker Foundation

Three artists are showcased at Esker this summer. Vanessa Brown prompts thought by using steel to embody living, natural things as sculpture. Anna Torma uses a blend of embroidery, drawing, appliquĂ©, and layering to combine familiar and fantastic things in colourful, multi-layered textile art hangings. And over a twelve week stretch ending July 29, Jolie Bird’s performance-based installation will transform a blank space into an 8-foot diameter representation of the Fibonacci Sequence.