Hiking Yoho NP – Lake O’Hara Golden Larch

Despite the mist, rain, sleet and snow pellets, it was definitely worth hiking at Lake O'Hara during golden larch season and we hope to do it again (in better weather) some time over the next few years. On the advice of Parks Canada staff, we covered about 9 km, hiking up the Lake Oesa trail, across the Yukness Ledges and then - after a bit of time exploring the Opabin Plateau - down East Opabin trail.


Hiking Nova Scotia – Middle Head Trail

Middle Head is a pretty easy out and back trail, mostly through the woods, with a couple of peek-a-boo views and a nice viewpoint at the end. It's family friendly, located close to tourist accommodation and Parks Canada offers guided hikes on this trail. All of which means it's fairly busy. Of the three hikes we did in Cape Breton, this was our least favourite.