Photo Blogging Challenge – Blue (November 2017)

This month’s photo blogging challenge features blue – the most common colour in my world thanks to the broad prairie sky overhead, its reflection in rivers, ponds and lakes, and the extensive use of blue-tinted glass in Calgary’s newest office towers.

The one constraint I imposed was to take all photos in downtown Calgary, since last month’s PBC post featured photos from Canmore. Please click through to enjoy urban variations on blue…


Cycling in Griffith Woods

Our bike rides have multiple purposes: exercise, photography, active transportation and/or geocaching. With my last ride in Griffith Woods centered on exercise and photography, I decided to plan a ride based on geocaching. Planning For advance planning, the official geocaching website is a great resource. Search for the general area you’ll be visiting, open any…


Biking in Griffith Woods

Griffith Woods is a beautiful Natural Environment Park located just off Highway 8 in southwest Calgary. The park was created in 2000 and named after Wilbur Griffith who, with his wife Betty, donated a portion of their estate to The City of Calgary to be set aside as a nature preserve. It’s a great place to ride bikes, walk and go geocaching.

Devonian Gardens

At the start of the week, K enjoyed a day off from school (teachers had a Professional Development day). Since he discovered last week that his lightweight pants are 3-4 cm (about 2 inches) too short, we headed to our favourite clothing store to shop for new, hard-wearing pants and a rain jacket. From there,…