Snow Season Walks in Canmore

Winter, like any other time of year, is a great season for being out and about in Canmore. The amazing mountain scenery enhances any outdoor activity, whether pond skating, cross-country skiing, fat biking, snowshoeing or simply (Nordic) walking. Heading out on familiar trails, time after time, could be boring. But by choosing to observe the changing of seasons and search out previously unnoticed details, it's possible to enjoy the same trails season after season, and year after year…


Photo Blogging Challenge – Winter (February 2015)

Two years into this monthly photo blogging challenge and we still haven't covered all of the seasons - even after everyone shares their winter photographs! I expect that "spring" will eventually come up as a theme (but probably not in 2015). Old Man Winter's preoccupation with eastern North America left the Calgary area enjoying mild …

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Hiking the Bow Valley – Mount Lady MacDonald Tea House

We had an almost six-week break from hiking this summer as Mr. GeoK recovered from a mountain biking accident. By Labour Day weekend, his leg had healed to the point that he was ready for a short hike. We opted to try another classic Canmore area hike - to the abandoned, slowly decaying, only ever …

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