Winter Break in Canmore

For the fifth year in a row, we enjoyed almost two weeks in Canmore over winter break, including Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year. Although it was pretty cold for several days, Mr. GeoK and I went out for several long walks. As always, we carried our cameras and our bear spray (yes, the bears are hibernating but there are coyotes and cougars around).

Snow fell a few times, enough to make everything look fresh and clean. On the first blue sky day we headed out for a long walk towards town.



Another morning we were just about the first to leave footprints in the fresh snow. But, as you can see, at least one of the resident coyotes was out and about before we were!


Despite a few days of extremely cold temperatures, there was plenty of open water on the Bow River and also on some of the creeks.



The mountains around Canmore help me keep things in perspective. They are so massive that everything that’s been irritating me grows small in comparison. Sometimes the forests have the same effect.


While the scale of the landscape commands attention, some of my favourite photographs are the small details that are easy to overlook. While the presence of the mountains is a constant, the details change dramatically with the seasons.




Two days after we returned to Calgary from Canmore, I realized why Canmore is my favourite place to be. It’s not the amazing landscape, the proximity of wildlife, the extensive trail network nor the quick access to Canada’s Rocky Mountain National Parks. It’s because Mr. GeoK and I get out and about together every day.

Calgary has most of this: impressive mountain views from our back deck; deer, coyotes, jackrabbits and squirrels regularly visit our backyard; we’re just a few minutes walk from the nearest access point to Calgary’s extensive trail network; and we get out and about in the city almost every day. But most days Mr. GeoK goes his way and I go my way, using active transportation to get to/from the transit system that takes us to/from downtown and to run (actually walk) errands. Canmore = being out and about together, while Calgary = being out and about alone (mostly).

I came to this realization when we walked together on Sunday to do a couple of errands in Calgary. So I’m thinking we should walk together in Calgary more often. Then, no matter what coordinates are showing on my GPS, I’ll be in my favourite place.

Written for 20 Days of Chill: Your Favourite Place (Day 2). The 20 Days of Chill Writing Challenge is running Monday through Friday in January. It’s pretty chill – participants can post every day or just one day. The list of daily topics is posted here.

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  1. This was a really good submission for the challenge. I like how you worded it. The photos, too, are fantastic. And being we’re past the holidays, you can keep the snow out your way. 🙂

    I’m with you on close details of photos though. Always makes for great photos!

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