Photo Blogging Challenge – Patriotic (July 2015)

One of the most obvious symbols of patriotism is the national flag. This month’s post includes the Canadian flag and Iceland’s flag flying above the site of the world’s first parliament. The Canada Day fireworks display was a good opportunity to try out the new “live composite” mode on my Olympus camera, with mixed results.


Hiking Banff National Park – Tunnel Mountain

In all the years we’ve been exploring the Canadian Rockies, we’ve never bothered with this hike. It seemed too close to Banff, likely to be too busy for our liking, too short, too boring – altogether too mundane. But at this time of year, many of our favourite hiking trails have too much snow and…


Hiking Banff NP – C-Level Cirque

Cascade Mountain commands the attention of visitors arriving in Banff National Park via the east gate near Canmore. Topping out an elevation of 2,998 meters (9,836 ft), it’s the highest peak in the immediate vicinity of Banff. While few have the physical conditioning and experience to undertake the scramble to the summit, there are a…