Out and About in Halifax, Nova Scotia

With just one full day to explore Halifax, it's possible to craft an itinerary that includes history, architecture, beautiful outdoor spaces and walking paths. Our top picks: Halifax Central Library, a walk along the harbour front, Halifax Citadel and the Halifax Public Gardens.


Gear Review: Lensbaby Sol 22 / 45

After taking more than 2000 photographs with the Lensbaby Sol 22, I'm sure of four things: 1) the fun factor is well worth the US$199.95 list price; 2) its compact size and light weight make it easy to carry on any photography outing; 3) not all subject matter lends itself to the Lensbaby look; and 4) the combination of manual focus, tilt shift and bokeh blades means more practice is required before I can be confident that photos taken with this lens will consistently match what I envision before pressing the shutter button.