Scouting locations for new hides

Thanks to Shearzone, Calgary’s first ever Cache and Release event is coming up March 7 / 8 (24 hours of caching followed by a get together at a local diner). We’re definitely not up for a 24 hour cache run, but we will still take part Friday evening and part of Saturday.
In preparation, Mrs. GeoK went out scouting locations for a couple of hides onside with both and event listing guidelines:
  • no lame hides, in other words, hide your caches with intent on winning a prize
  • no micros
  • all hides must be winter friendly
  • puzzle and multi-caches are allowed, but keep them easy (in other words, solvable/findable within 30-45 minutes)
  • all hides must be hidden within 50 km of the posted coordinates (consider cache clustering to increase traffic)
  • all hides must be made to remain permanent following the event for everyone to find at their leisure

After driving around some urban areas where we haven’t seen many caches, there are 2 or 3 good possibilities in hand. Some ideas are already percolating for type of cache, type of hide, etc., so we should be able to get one or two submitted by the deadline.

Our big fear is that any non-micro hides will be muggled in short order. Mrs. GeoK hid a couple of good sized traditional caches in city neighbourhoods last spring. They were both well-camo’d, but one was gone within 2 weeks and one disappeared within a couple months. That’s probably at least part of the reason that micros & nanos are the prevailing container size in the city.

That being said, we’ll try to make these a little more complicated than straight traditionals – maybe some simple projections or simple to solve puzzles that require info gathered in the field or ??. Hopefully that will prolong the life-cycle of these new caches – our puzzle and multi-caches have survived pretty well in the city. We’ll post links to the new hides once they’re approved.

BTW – Mrs. GeoK managed to find one cache today. Our count is very slowly creeping up this year…it’ll be a challenge to reach a cumulative 200 finds by the end of the year.

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