Cycling through the Weaselhead

Another weekend in Calgary, another bike ride on city pathways. Our previous ride took in sections of the Bow River Pathway, so this time around we opted to ride on shared streets towards Glenmore Reservoir, planning to ride all the way around. Our plans changed part way around - twice! But we still got in a decent ride, found a handful of geocaches and enjoyed watching a large colony of Cliff Swallows nesting under the pedestrian bridge across the Elbow River down in the Weaselhead.


Glenmore Reservoir Circumnavigation

One easy and scenic riding option in Calgary is circumnavigating the Glenmore Reservoir, a route that runs 15 or 16 km. The city's extensive pathway system makes it easy to extend the distance. Mr. GeoK and I covered 31 km riding from home, around the Reservoir, and back. Heritage Park, sailboats, and the view of the Canadian Rockies to the west add visual interest to the ride. If you're lucky (and alert) you might even spot some water birds, a deer or a coyote.

Geobiking the Elbow River Pathway – N Glenmore Park to Fish Creek Park

We've been waiting almost three months for a replacement part for our Cybex Arc Trainer (first it was back-ordered, now it's stuck at Canadian customs). Most of the year, Mr. GeoK works-out almost every day and this cross-training cardio equipment is central to his exercise program. It's not such a big deal over the summer …

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