Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

We took full advantage of the short break in the rain on Friday, heading to NE Calgary for some drive-up caching. By the time we stopped for lunch (at Peter’s Drive-In) we had 12 finds, including GCA0D6 (Stash ‘n’ Dash) which we will hide in a new location within the next few days. At 3 different caches we enjoyed the singing of birds and frogs, the first time we’ve heard frog song this year. A few were tricky to find and/or retrieve, including GC13350 (which was also where we found some really cheap gasoline!), GCA0D6 and GCMYY2. And a few were three or four years old, which is great longevity for a cache in the city. After lunch we picked up a couple more, bringing us to a total of 14 for the day. We also logged a couple DNFs, but in one case we’re sure the cache is gone as the whole area has recently been cleared for the development of new housing lots.
Mr. GeoK has been working hard on a couple of new hides in Griffith Woods. He went down this morning to put the second one in its hiding spot only to discover than much of Griffith Woods is under water, including the new hide we placed last weekend!! Guess we’ll be doing maintenance on that one before it’s even published. Hopefully the flooding will not be as bad as it was a couple of years ago. We’ll post updates here, so stay tuned…

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