Griffith Woods a MESS

All those days of rain in May have left Griffith Woods in a real mess. Mr GeoK was down there this morning, checking on some geocaches and he discovered that the bridges are gone and the ground is covered with small rocks and pebbles. Last weekend, much of the area was underwater, as the Elbow River had overflowed its banks. Some areas are still under water but for the most part the river has receded to near normal levels.
Not only has the water made a mess of things, it seems that some time in the past couple of weeks someone has been in the area taking geocaches. Our Bark Beetle cache is gone (both camo material and container). We know it was there two weeks ago as we checked on it during one of our weekend bike rides. We’re currently trying to decide how we might replace this one. bish0p advised us that 2 of his caches in the area are missing (now archived) and peanutbutterbreadandjam’s Woodland Walk for Klimbing Kiddo is also missing (now archived). One of the other caches Mr GeoK checked on this morning appears to be missing as well; we’ve advised the cache owner and we’re waiting to hear back.
We do plan to go back down there in the next few days to check on some other caches in the area and have our fingers crossed that they’re still there. It would be very disheartening to find that someone has been systematically going through the park stealing geocaches.

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