NW Calgary Geocaching

Mrs. GeoK headed to Confederation Park (yet again), to put the finishing touches on some new geocaches to be published shortly after our GC1Q4GN WWFM V – C of Red on Saturday. Although the sky was bleak, some areas of the park were coldly striking, including the wetland area between 10th and 14th Streets NW.

On account of a curious muggle, Mrs. GeoK made a "detour" to search for GC1F4Z7 The Search for Sight. This makes for 149 mystery/puzzle caches found, leaving another 51 to solve and find to make our goal of 200 found by the end of 2009. We’d better pick up the pace, as we’ve only found 14 of unknown caches so far this year. Perhaps we should consider solving puzzles as an alternate form of "Big Brain Academy" or "Brain Age" training!

The curious muggle was long gone once the detour was completed, so after attending to one more (as yet unpublished) geocache, Mrs. GeoK headed back to the parking lot just off 10th Street. The tracking function showed a total walking distance of 6.5 km for the morning, but there was more to come…

After parking in the North Hill Sears lot, Mrs. GeoK headed onto the SAIT campus to search for a couple of micros, then east across 10th Street again to search for two more. There was an excellent view of the city skyline from GC1GAXG For My Boys! Bring Your Camera, so she paused to take a few photos. The grey clouds made for difficult lighting; this photo is the best of the lot:

She signed the log just in time, as the wind picked up and snow started to fall (again). It was a chilly walk back to the vehicle with this walk coming in at 4.5 km for a total of 11 enjoyable km today.

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