CCaRS09 (Sept 25/26) + 3000th Find Milestone


We really enjoyed Calgary’s fourth Cache and Release (CaR for short) event! CaR was inspired by Canada’s Capital Cachers’ very successful Go and Get ’em (GAGE) series. The event consists of a 24 hour cache-finding marathon culminating with a gathering at a family-friendly location for refueling, story-telling, voting and prize distribution. We participated in all three stages: hiding (GC1YZNZ – Got Hair? You Won’t After This One!, GC1YZQK – Orange Ya Glad?, and GC1YZVQ – A Bird’s Eye View), finding (47 CCARS09 + 3 other caches = 50 caches in 24 hours) and attending the wrap-up event.

Friday at 5:15 – the cachemobile is ready to go

Friday night – second stop, L to R: PrairieSwan, van der Decken, Sleepy_hollow, Mr. GeoK

Friday night – our caching party joined several others at "No Disassembly Required",
which won our vote for best "In Plain Sight" cache hidden for the event

Friday night – we stopped in at our own "Got Hair?" cache to give a couple members of our
caching group a chance to earn the smiley, only to discover quite a crowd already at the
cache hiding spot and struggling to access the log.
Friday night – we had great fun at Tethy C’s "Darkness Falls" night cache (our first
real night cache) and the youngest members of the dscanland family really enjoyed
the swag tucked into the cache, which got our vote for "Best Night Cache".

Saturday morning – thanks to controlled burns on Mount Nestor (west of Calgary),
we enjoyed a fabulous sunrise while driving to meet up with van der Decken for
another day of caching.
Saturday morning – van der Decken and Mr. GeoK at "Cache Migration" hidden by k5cents.
This one got our vote for best "Underwater" cache hidden for the event.
The GeoKids didn’t participate until it was time for the wrap-up dinner (although Oldest GeoKid was conscripted to act as Mrs. GeoKs’ navigator on Saturday afternoon). By the time the whole GeoKs family got back together for the dinner and voting phase, we were able to do a little math, a little more math, some information gathering and then some more math which determined that GC1VEAC Calgary’s Cache and Release Summer 2009 event was our 3,000th find! For full details, check our event log.
If you live in the Calgary area and haven’t yet taken part in one of the CCAR events, stay tuned for details of CCARW10. If past timing holds true, this one should be held next March and is sure to be great fun.

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