Geocoinfest 2009 (Oct 10)

We started our day by going to the wrong Marriott hotel in downtown Salt Lake City, but since we’d left ourselves a bit of a cushion, we were still able to join the pathtag trading breakfast just a couple minutes after the scheduled start time this morning. There was a good turnout and we quickly deputized the GeoKids to trade our "Legoheads" pathtag while we visited with some of the other attendees. Unfortunately, we had to cut our time short in order to head upstairs to pick up our registration packages for GC1JZ1X – Geocoinfest 2009 – Salt Lake City before the doors opened.

We stuck to our plan and headed for tsunrisebey’s vendor booth as soon as we were allowed into the conference room. Eager customers were lined up at least 10 deep and she had so many beautiful coins for sale that everyone seemed to take at least 10 minutes to make their selections. We were happy to purchase some earth turtle, kokopelli, armadillo and Neptune’s compass geocoins to add to our burgeoning geocoin collection and even happier when, later in the day, we were able to swap one of our GCF09 edition Highwood Pass coins for a special tsunrisebey GCF09 trading version of the 2009 earth turtle. And, of course, it was wonderful to meet Stephanie in person.

Next on our list was to start meeting people and trading geocoins. Oldest GeoKid was deputized to handle the trading and he did a wonderful job, talking to lots of folks about our geocoin design and making some good trades. We took 50 of our coins along to trade and ended up trading about 35; this is good information to have when we go to design and mint our next geocoin. We especially enjoyed meeting Lori Darlin’, Avroair, The Moop Along, Yemon Yime, Trippy and Rusty (from Pathtags), Vanelle, chrisgun and others we’ve traded with over the past year. Another highlight was meeting Write Shop Robert and learning about his bike safety awareness initiative; we were lucky enough to pick up one of his activated geocoins and will take it back to Calgary to spread the message. We also bumped into Team DJM from Lethbridge, and had a nice long visit with them as we waited for the final raffle draws of the afternoon.

In the meantime, Mr. GeoK and Youngest GeoKid headed off to do the Delorme photo challenge which ended up at a TB hotel, so we got to log both the mega-event today plus one traditional geocache. Mrs. GeoK and Oldest GeoKid studied the silent auction tables and were pleased to be high bidders on a sample (never-produced) version of the Enigma geocoin, one of Mrs. GeoKs’ all-time favourite designs. We also visited the other vendors’ boths, making a point to spend a bit of time visiting with Chris and Helen of Landsharkz; they did the design work and minting for our first personal geocoin.

We called it quits at about 4 o’clock, as everyone was feeling pretty tired. Rather than return for the evening’s geo-poker game, we decided to enjoy a nice dinner out.

Many thanks to the event organizers. They did a fantastic job of keeping everything running smoothly, providing a wide variety of activies to keep everyone interested and handing out a ton of great prizes!

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