Geocache Maintenance

It’s that time of year again – at least it would be if the "Winter Storm Warning" was not in effect! Yes, time to get out and do a little bit of geocache maintenance, even if it’s only to replace the logsheets in micro caches or to top up the swag in regular caches.
Coming out of winter, we have 5 geocaches that need a little TLC (out of 65+ active hides) and one more that we should probably check since the last three logs show DNFs. This one’s a lower priority because the geocachers to attempt this one most recently either have very few finds or were trying to use Google Earth to find the cache.
We should have our cache maintenance completed over the next couple weeks, and certainly not later than the end of May for the three that are a little bit out of town (west of Calgary, towards the Rockies).
Today, in the middle of the snow storm, Mrs. GeoK did a little cache maintenance on someone else’s (as yet unpublished) hide. It’s for a terrific project that Calgary Area Cachers are undertaking in conjunction with Calgary Parks, aimed at hiding 100 geocaches in select parks in celebration of Calgary Parks’ 100th anniversary. The plan is to release 25 new hides on the first of May, June, July and August and some of the more ambitious members of the Calgary caching community have long since placed their hides for the May 1st publication date. As a result, the didn’t find out until too late that Calgary Parks has asked for some additional words on the stash notes – specifically stating that the new caches are placed with permission from Calgary Parks. When Mrs. GeoK read a fellow cacher’s plea for help in the Calgary Area Cachers’ forums, she answered the call.
We’re looking forward to placing a few hides for this project, starting with the June 1st publication date. Stay tuned for more details…

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