CCARW10 – 24 Hours of Geocaching Fun

Sometime during the evening of Thursday, April 28, fifty-nine new geocaches were released for Calgary Cache and Release Winter 2010 (aka CCARW10). Calgary area geocachers had until noon Saturday to form up teams, solve puzzles and plan their geocaching routes for the "search" phase of CCARW10, which began precisely at 12:00:00 according to our GPSr unit’s display.
We teamed up with van der Decken and Sears Tower for an afternoon of geocaching fun, logging 35 caches (some that were hidden before CCARW10) before calling it quits for the day around 6 o’clock. Our successes included a couple of earthcaches, shared FTF honours on 10 new hides, our first ever whereigo cache and successfully finding GC260CY Smooth Sailing with GeoKs, CCARW10 which was placed as a tribute to Mr. GeoKs’ oh-so-creative hides.

van der Decken, Mr. GeoK & Sears Tower at Valley Earthcache

Sears Tower & Mr. GeoK at Posts then PBBJ

We teamed up with Sears Tower again Sunday morning, starting a little before 8 o’clock and wrapping up just before 11:30, finding another 20 geocaches (again, some were not for CCARW10), including an excellent "Hogwarts" series placed by CanadianRockies, A lot of effort went into this very creative series and the "frosting on the cake" – so to speak – was bumping into one of the original Calgary area cachers, 3jaze. We’ve really enjoyed searching 3jaze caches over the almost 4 years we’ve been geocaching.

Coincidentally, Sunday was also a big park, pathway and river clean-up in Calgary, so we did our part by collecting trash during our extended walk through Griffith Woods to find three caches. We were happy to leave an already fairly clean park just a little bit cleaner.

Finally, we headed off to 10 Years! Calgary, Alberta for the CCARW10 wind-up event and the opportunity to collect the special 10-year anniversary of geoaching icon.  It was great to chat with our geocaching friends and catch-up with outforthehunt and others. As always, it was also good to meet newcomers to the game. We really appreciate the effort the event organizers put in to make this 24 hours so much fun. We were also happy to win a geocoin, a geo-buddy tag and a set of lifetime navigator maps in the door prize draws. Karma was in our corner, for sure!

We’re already looking forward to next fall’s CCAR event and hope to get at least a couple of geocaches placed for that one.

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