First Geobike Ride of 2010

FINALLY! Yesterday we enjoyed summery weather on a Saturday for the first time in (what seems like) months, so we headed down to Fish Creek Park to meet up with Grandma and Grandpa GeoK for our first bike ride of the year.

Because this is an Alberta provincial park, current (unofficial) policy requires geocachers to obtain permission before placing a new cache in Fish Creek Park. As a result, there aren’t many new hides since last fall, but before the day was over we managed to log 2 smileys and had to take a DNF.

Our track log showed we rode a little over 20 km in well under 2 hours. The best news is that because Youngest GeoKs’ new bike has bigger tires than his old bike, his average riding speed jumped from about 13 km/h (last year) to somewhere between 18 and 20 km/h, an increase of almost 50%!! He’s going to enjoy the longer rides a lot more this year, as he won’t have to pedal three times as many revolutions as the rest of us.

I didn’t manage to get enough photos to participate in the "Geocaching 12 of 12" for June, but I did manage to capture a few good shots…

A bit of single-track to start the day right

Digging through my pack to swap travellers at GC25RQV Bashful – CCARW10

Constructed wetlands (completed 2009) near another cache hiding spot

Our second find of the day – yes, a micro in the woods

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