New Personal Geocoin – GeoKs’ Prairie Towers

Our new personal geocoins have arrived! Since Calgary’s our home base, we often enjoy views of the Calgary cityscape or surrounding countryside when we’re out geocaching and our lastest geocoin reflects the local scenery. One side is a stylized representation of Calgary’s unique skyline; the other shows a classic prairie grain elevator surrounded by farm fields.
The views we enjoy change depending on whether it’s a day for urban or rural geocaching. The scenery also changes with the season, so we had four main versions of this coin produced: spring, summer, fall and winter. Here’s what the summer version looks like:
Some particulars:
  • it’s primarily a 2D coin, although the train tracks have some very effective 3D detailing
  • 42 mm diameter, 3 mm thick
  • "trackable at" appears on the edge (except on the non-trackable version)
  • total mint quantity is 410, broken down as follows:
    • spring version (75)
    • summer version (75)
    • fall version (75)
    • winter winter (75)
    • Dr. Seuss version (10)
    • non-trackable version (100)

We look forward to trading! For those who might be interested in other versions, check here.

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