Geocaching Around the World – Morocco

It’s hard to believe we’re on our way home, after our last stop in Morocco. One month, eleven countries (12 if you count Tibet, 14 if you include 2 technical stops), eleven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, five continents (six including the technical stops) 62,028 km via plane, 462 km via bus and 82 km via train. We set out hoping to find at least one cache in each country, although since were on a fairly highly structured tour, it was unclear how free we would be to actually search for caches.

We arrived in Marrakech, Morocco on Februrary 25th, at the end of a long transit day from Wadi Musa, Jordan. It started with a 2 hour drive to the Aqaba Airport, followed by a 7 hour flight to Marrakech, Morocco. Watching our flight path on the in-flight displays, we noted that we flew well north (over Crete), giving Libyan airspace a wide berth. We then took a short bus ride to the beautiful and elegant La Mamounia Hotel. Our 2 adjoining rooms were absolutely gorgeous, with all sorts of architectural details in the Moorish style, and overlooked the Koutoubia Mosque.

Yesterday, we toured the many sites within the Medina (old city) of Marrakech, including the Medrassa Ben Youssef, the Bahia Palace, the souks and the Main Square.
In the afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. GeoK walked to the Menera Gardens to find GC1DB1F – Marracache (5.2 km round trip). Thankfully, we were not struck by any vehicles on our walk. It is unclear how pedestrians are to cross the 3 major streets necessary to get to the gardens, so we followed the locals and stepped boldly off the curb into the traffic!

Youngest GeoK in Marrakech

Colourful slippers in the souk, MarrakechColourful plates in the souk, Marrakech

This last cache (the only one within 50 km of Marrakech), brings our total find count for the trip to 13, with one pesky DNF in Cambodia! We would like to thank all those geocachers who placed geocaches in the many amazing places we visited over the course of our travels.

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