Geocaching Around the World – Final Reflections

We’ve been back in Calgary for just about a week, and have almost managed to get our body clocks back to Mountain Standard Time Zone. Mrs. GeoK has spent the better part of the week doing laundry and catching up on blog entries, while Mr. GeoK and Oldest GeoKid spent many hours sorting through the > 10,000 photos we took over the four weeks we were away.

Some final reflections:

  • When traveling outside your comfort zone, always take bottled water when you when you leave your hotel – even if you’ll have to discard it at the airport just a half hour later.
  • Even if the tour operator allows you one large suitcase and one small suitcase, try to take just one small suitcase. The time it takes to do a bit of hand-washing in the hotel room sink is more than made up for by not having to constantly pack, unpack and re-pack!
  • When mission planning for geocaching in locations where you may not have access to the internet, take a bit of time to prepare some reference notes on your target caches; printing spoiler photos in advance may be especially helpful.
  • It is possible to find some geocaches when you’re on a fairly highly-structured tour. Be prepared to find a lot less than you would if travelling on your own. Also, it’s helpful to talk to your guide up front, so that if you have to leave the group for a short time at a particular site, your guide has a good idea when and where you’ll be re-joining the main group.
  • Hiders around the world have similar challenges: water penetration, full logs that need to be replaced and muggled containers. Even so, if they’re in desirable locations, many cachers will continue to search for containers in need of maintenance.
  • It truly is a small world. As we made our way to the boarding gate at Orlando International Airport, we encountered another Calgary Area Cacher and his family. mrcanoehead224 had been at Disney World with his family. While in the area, he co-hosted GC2KDPA – Expedition from the Great White North with his sister, stringbean72. We missed the event by just 24 hours! And we noticed another Calgary Area Cacher – green ducks – had been to the Taj Mahal just 10 days before our visit to Agra.

    Thanks again to all those geocachers who placed hides in proximity to the 11 UNESCO World Heritage Sites we visited. Not only did we have the opportunity to visit the sites treasured by people around the world, but we had the chance to seek out treasure hidden just for those of us who know about the great game of geocaching!

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