Signs of Christmas in South Glenmore Park

I enjoyed a few hours in the company of a good friend last week. We went for a long walk in South Glenmore Park, chatting and pausing now and then to take a photo or two. The recent snow sparkled in the sun. And we were delighted to come across some tangible signs of the Christmas spirit…

Photographers's shadows on Glenmore Reservoir
My eye was initially attracted by the coyote prints all the way across the reservoir, but I also liked the way our photographers’ shadows landed on the snow and ice.
Seed pods in snow
The seed pods sticking up through the sparkling snow crystals caught my attention as we walked by.
Sun on bark
The sunlight on the bark was beautiful. I’m not sure I did it justice with this shot.
O Christmas Tree
I spotted a splash of red on this tree from several hundred meters away. How delightful to find a Christmas tree along the shoreline.
O Christmas Tree
…and then just a couple hundred meters along, another Christmas tree at the junction of two paved pathways. Thank you to the person who sparked a warm feeling of holiday spirit (and captured the essence of Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree!).

Thanks so very much to the Christmas tree elf. Your quiet generousity of spirit brought a smile to my face. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2013.

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