Photo Blogging Challenge – ‘Tis the Season (December 2014)

‘Tis the season for so many things: winter, Christmas, traditions and special time with family and friends. And because most of us have at least a few days off from our usual routines, it also seems to be the season for making more than the usual number of photographs. So I had a bit of trouble choosing just five to share for this month’s post. After consulting with everyone sharing our home over the holidays, I decided on these:

1. Sun Flare – Early in December, I walked in our Canmore neighbourhood. I discovered a high wind chill as soon as my path emerged from the woods, but the low sun angle created such interesting shadows and opportunities for sun flares that I stayed out for almost an hour. This image is a favourite because it includes one of Canmore’s most recognizable mountains (Three Sisters), the fresh snowfall from a few days before as well as evidence of Canmore recent past (logging). I got a few sun flares earlier in my walk, but for this one I remembered to go all the way to f22 to make the “rays” of the flare as distinct as possible.


2. Hoar Frost – This time of year, when conditions have been just right overnight, we wake to a winter wonderland of white ice crystals coating tree branches, shrubs and everything else. It usually disappear shortly after the sun comes up or if even a light wind develops. The air hoar clinging to this soccer net is noteworthy for two things. First, despite the bright sunshine it survived through to early afternoon. Second, the crystals are particularly long – like the yarns on a plush rug.


3. Christmas Baking – One of our most cherished Christmas traditions is baking together. This year we selected shortbread squares, biscotti, salted-chocoloate-chunk and sugar cookies for pre-Christmas baking. To replenish the cookie tins, the boys and Grandma GeoK baked a big batch of gingerbread cookies: our youngest son was fast as lightning with the rolling pin; our oldest son applied the cookie cutters to maximize the number of cookies from each rolled sheet; and Grandma GeoK carefully applied a few chocolate treats to fancy them up.


4. Ice and Snow – Living so close to the Canadian Rockies, it’s a fact of life that this is the season for ice and snow. And while it can make driving challenging, I enjoy searching for interesting ice formations or patterns in the snow while out walking. A very light snowfall really highlights the geometric shapes formed by these intersecting ice crystals along the Bow River shoreline.


5. Joy to the World – ‘Tis the season to wish joy to the world, to seek out and celebrate the positive and to spend a bit of time and energy contemplating hopes and dreams for the coming months. I often find my inspiration in the beauty of nature so this photo is an appropriate background for my wish to you this season.


I’m a little late to post, so I’ve already had a quick look at some of the other posts linked up to A ‘lil HooHaa’s take on the theme. Please take a minute to read Lisa’s post and then leave a comment with your prayers/well wishes for her family.

The theme for next month will be announced on Wednesday, December 31 on A ‘lil HooHaa. Please consider joining our small (but supportive) group.

8 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge – ‘Tis the Season (December 2014)

    1. They do say a picture’s worth a thousand words, but since this is a “photo blogging” challenge, I figure I should at least add a few sentences for each one! 🙂

  1. I always look forward to your set of photos as you live in an area that makes photography seem easy. The first shot is amazing and it’s also great how you brought us inside to some of your family traditions. Love those ice crystals, too. Really nice looking.

    1. Might look easy most of the time, but I had to wear a lot of layers and take along hand warmers in December. Many days the wind chill was around -25 C (-13 F), so that added a fair degree of difficulty!

  2. WOW. These photos are CRAZY AMAZING. Each and every one. The sun’s rays…the frost… the shapes in the ice…Oh and the BAKING. That is such a happy relaxed picture. These are all truly wonderful.

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