Biking in Griffith Woods

Griffith Woods is a beautiful Natural Environment Park located just off Highway 8 in southwest Calgary. The park was created in 2000 and named after Wilbur Griffith who, with his wife Betty, donated a portion of their estate to The City of Calgary to be set aside as a nature preserve. It's a great place to ride bikes, walk and go geocaching.


Glenmore Reservoir Circumnavigation

One easy and scenic riding option in Calgary is circumnavigating the Glenmore Reservoir, a route that runs 15 or 16 km. The city's extensive pathway system makes it easy to extend the distance. Mr. GeoK and I covered 31 km riding from home, around the Reservoir, and back. Heritage Park, sailboats, and the view of the Canadian Rockies to the west add visual interest to the ride. If you're lucky (and alert) you might even spot some water birds, a deer or a coyote.

Photo Blogging Challenge – Fall (October 2013)

This month's theme was open to a variety of interpretations: could be something triggered by gravitational forces, perhaps a fall from grace or a decline in standing or ranking. The photos I selected fall within the more convenient and conventional definition for this time of year (i.e. fall = autumn). Autumn in Alberta is generally …

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