Wildlife Corridor

In addition to the usual song birds, crows and squirrels, we spotted a couple of deer making their way through the back field last night. Today, we saw plenty more evidence of the active wildlife corridor in the Bow Valley.

An off-leash dog had a dozen elk all nervous this morning. It kept coming in to nip at them and they'd take off at random, re-grouping after a few minutes but keeping their heads up, alert for the dog's next run at them.
Mourning Cloak Butterfly
We spotted a few flies and bugs this afternoon, but became convinced that spring is finally on the way after spotting this Mourning Cloak butterfly.
Mrs. GeoK spotted a lone osprey flying over the Bow River this afternoon. Despite patience, we were unable to get close enough for a really great shot.

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    1. That’s for sure – but crazy weather swings like this are pretty typical for Calgary in April. I just noticed this morning that we even have a few bulbs starting to poke up through the dirt and we’re looking forward to going to the garden centre Friday to pick up a bunch of plants for our yard.

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