Relaxing Weekend in the Bow Valley

We had the privilege of enjoying another weekend in Canmore, where we enjoyed truly spring-like weather for the first time this year. Although we did a few of the usual spring tasks (cleaned the inside of the vehicle, washed and installed all the window screens, washed the garage floor, etc.), we put a priority on relaxing and spending time together as a family. Here are some highlights:

Fine Balance
There's a fine balance between letting your kids learn things the hard way and keeping them safe. Situations like this one exemplify that particular parenting challenge!
K on Mantracker Island
We made a quick visit to Mantracker Island, where Mrs. GeoK spotted an osprey. Although we did our best, we didn't get any great photos before it finally flew away. Before we crossed back to the main path, K took one last look at the raptor's perch, just in case it returned to give us another chance for photographic success.
Mr. GeoK captured this reflection of the mostly spruce woods on the slowly melting tributary of the Bow River.
Tree fungus
Unsatisfied with her photographic result from 2 weeks ago, Mrs. GeoK returned to this recently fallen tree for another attempt at recording the tree-like pattern of the fungus between two rings of the stump, this time in B&W.
Sunday morning, Mrs. GeoK and Youngest GeoKid headed to the climbing wall at Our Lady of Snows school. K loves to spend time at this giant outdoor challenge and found out he has a longer stretch than he did last fall. Yet more proof that he's growing again!
Rest time
K took a well-deserved rest after twice completing a difficult section of the climbing wall...and besides - his hands were getting a little sore!
Disc golf tee box
Mr. GeoK at the first tee box during our first round of disc golf in 2012.
Tee shot
Oldest GeoKid tees off on the 7th hole and makes a nice shot. We're so lucky to have this 12-hold disc golf course just a few hundred meters from our back door in Canmore.
Second shot
K takes his second shot on the 9th hole. Strangely, Mr. and Mrs. GeoKs' discs landed in almost exactly the same spot (foreground). Ha Ling is in the background.

5 thoughts on “Relaxing Weekend in the Bow Valley

  1. Awesome with the disc golf. A great sport! It’s such a great way to get out and about and do something a bit different.

  2. Yay for the disc golf! I love that sport (obvious by the blog I started about it!), but it’s such a great way to get outside and do some wonderful things!

    1. Enjoy your disc golf blog but don’t read it as often as I’d like. It’s strange to have only 12 holes, as I’d expect 18 – but probably another consequence of the developer going into receivership several years ago (receivership = Chapter 11). Hope the partially complete regular golf course sells later this year and the new owner will finish the disc golf course too. Bonus – there’s a fun puzzle cache at one of the tee boxes of the disc golf course.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Our oldest son always has the best score, but we all enjoyed a few laughs before the round was over – nothing better!

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