Photo Blogging Challenge – Signs (July 2013)

I woke up this morning (deadline day) knowing I still had to take at least one more photograph for this month’s challenge. I had a couple of possibilities in mind and headed out about 10 o’clock, returning from a scenic ramble with the required image.

In reverse chronological order, here are five signs that were in some way noteworthy this month:

1. Caution – Dangerous Conditions

There are a few of these signs posted in the unfinished Three Sisters golf course (the project went into receivership in 2009, is rapidly being reclaimed by Mother Nature and is extensively enjoyed and explored by hikers, walkers, mountain bikers and other nature enthusiasts in Canmore). From what we’ve seen over the past years, these signs are mostly ignored. But since the June 2013 flood event, there are actually dangerous conditions along the creek – sharp drop-offs, exposed pipes and sprinkler control wiring, overhanging creek banks, etc. Where this particular sign is located, the biggest danger is distracted walking – due to the amazing view of the Three Sisters mountain peaks (Faith, Charity and Hope).


2. Bike Skills Park

We visited three mountain bike skills parks in Canmore this month. Our outing to the MTB skills park at the Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park came to an abrupt and unplanned end. But we enjoyed more extended outings to the Millenium and Benchlands Town of Canmore skills parks, gradually improving our skills and confidence. I am determined to cut down the stem for my bike seat, so I can practice the logs, skinnies and other balance elements that K is already comfortable tackling. He surprised me in this shot, stopping short of coming up and over the berm, so it’s not quite the composition I envisioned. But he was more interested in riding than in posing, so…

Benchlands MTB Skills Park

3. High Voltage

When little red flags suddenly appeared on the easement at the back of our property, we wondered whether some unseen fallout from the June 2013 flood event was going to result in a disruption of our backyard landscaping. Several days later, one of the red flags disappeared and this “high voltage” warning stake appeared in its place. As for the rest of the little red flags, we picked up a couple but there are lots still out there if anyone needs sprinkler head markers, field corner markers, etc. And yes – we were well aware there’s a high voltage power line running near the back of our property…we’re paying a surcharge on our property taxes for 20 years to help cover the cost of the improved view!

New warning sign

4. Trail Marker

We have only done two hikes this summer, so when we headed to the Lake Louise area in early July, we had a choice to make after we were a couple of km along the trail – Minnestimma Lakes and Sentinel Pass? or Eiffel Lake and Wenkchemna Pass? In the end, we opted for Sentinel Pass, primarily because the overall hiking distance was considerably shorter, more suitable for our first major hike of the year. Fortunately, the flies were more interested in the sign that they were in us!

Trail marker

5. Mountain Vistas

This sign is one of about 10 stops required to collect all the information needed to calculate the coordinates for a multi-cache. The sign is aptly title “Mountain Vistas”. Others in the series included an old railway bridge, details about the Bow River, etc. Although we rode a fair distance to collect all the information in early July, we haven’t yet gone after the final geocache. It’s located on a much more challenging bike trail, so I’m working up my nerve! Perhaps it’ll be one of our (fewer than 31) geocache finds in August for the “31 days of geocaching challenge”.


That’s it for this month’s challenge. I’m looking forward to the announcement of the August theme. And note to self – complete the August assignment before the back-to-school madness is completely distracting!

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