Hiking Banff National Park – Beyond Rockbound Lake

A challenging hike of more than 20 km, the bench above Rockbound Lake provides stunning views of emerald green Tower Lake, navy blue Rockbound Lake and the sheer walls of the "back side" of Castle Mountain. Larches around the lake turn golden in September, wildflowers and mushrooms offer botanical interest along the otherwise boring front section. And since this is not a highly recommended trail, you may just go most of the day without encountering anybody else!


Review: Deep Time Walk

A mash up of science, technology and the humanities, the Deep Time Walk app invites the listener on a time travel experience - any time, any where. While walking 4.6 km in the virtual company of a narrator, a scientist and a fool, take an imaginary trip, 4,600 million years back in time, to when the Earth formed. Then with each step, meter-by-million-years forward, it’s an immersive and informative journey to the present day, where the industrial age represents but a hair’s breadth on the geological time scale.


Hiking Banff National Park – Rockbound Lake

It's shoulder season in terms of hiking in the Canadian Rockies. Once the calendar reads October, any day that doesn't require gaiters paired with MICROspikes, crampons or showshoes is a great day for hiking! The first weekend of October we took advantage of one such day to hike to Rockbound Lake. We were less than …

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Kootenay National Park – Marble Canyon

Our primary motivation in dragging unenthusiastic K to Marble Canyon after spending most of a day exploring for Burgess Shale fossils near Stanley Glacier was to collect the information needed to log the Marble Canyon earthcache. During our 30 minute walk along the Marble Canyon interpretive trail, we quickly realized that this stop holds broad …

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