Photo Blogging Challenge – Glasses (February 2019)

Most of us use glasses every day. Those blessed with 20/20 vision sport sunglasses and lift drinking glasses. Those who need corrective lenses to experience anything close to 20/20 eyesight have a spending category labelled prescription glasses.

I got my first pair of prescription glasses in grade 3. Returning to class after summer holiday, I couldn’t read the chalkboard from my desk near the back of the classroom. So I was temporarily moved the the front of the class until my lovely-then-not-so-lovely-now turquoise/brown faux tortoiseshell glasses arrived. I’ve worn contact lenses or glasses every day since.

For this month’s PBC theme, I aimed to take photos of many different kinds of glasses. I didn’t get any of magnifying glasses or rose-coloured glasses. What else did I miss?

1. Latest and greatest


Last fall, after 20 years wearing the same pair of glasses (my vision was pretty stable all that time), I finally had to ante up for a new pair of spectacles – my first with progressive lenses (the modern version of bi-focals). This photo, through the lenses of my new glasses, reveals that without glasses, I’d have a hard time navigating the world (and never behind the steering wheel).

2. Shades of blue


In 2017, I replaced my 20+ year-old sunglasses (after losing them on a hike). The new pair has blue lenses, which I’ve come to like for the way they make blue skies even bluer. We’ve had a chilly February (only one day where the daytime high temperature was above freezing), so I have been particularly grateful for the sunny days. But I have to pull my polar fleece buff down below nostril level so that my shades don’t fog up!

3. Minifig glasses


Pawing through our bin of Lego minifigs I found 18 different styles/colours of Lego minifig glasses and goggles, displayed here.

4. Drinking glasses


The box described these as stemless wine glasses and we occasionally use them for that purpose. Mostly, they sit in our dining room display cabinet, collecting dust. One cold afternoon, I rinsed a trio clean and had some fun with food colouring. Cold water + ambient food colouring = informal study of fluid/thermo dyanamics! 🙂

5. Stacked glasses


I tried oil and water photography once before, with a fairly large scale set-up that involved propping a square, glass cake pan over silk scarves. Since then, I’ve seen another set up that’s much simpler: stacking one glass with oil and water over another glass containing M&Ms, buttons, or some other colourful smallish things. I opted to go with some of the beads our kids used to play with. And I added a couple of drops of dish soap to the oil before pouring it into the glass I’d half-filled with water, to keep the bubbles from merging together as quickly as they did last time. I like some of the other photos I took with this set-up better, but opted to use this one because it at least hints at the perimeter of the glass.

That’s it for me this month. To see how glasses factor into the lives of other participants, head over to a ‘lil Hoohaa, link-up at the bottom of the page.

While you’re there, please consider joining us! This photo blogging challenge is like a low-stress photo assignment. For each month’s theme, you’re asked to share five photos; the amount of accompanying text is up to you. The next theme will be posted at a ‘lil Hoohaa at the start of next month.



13 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge – Glasses (February 2019)

  1. You always come up with some of the best photos. But … 20 years with one set of glasses? I am not sure I could make it 5 — even if my vision held where it was. I always ding the lenses too much and eventually it gets too much to handle!

    1. Well, what I didn’t say is that I wear contact lenses during the day (when I’m out and about) and only wear my glasses around home in the mornings/evenings. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing the idea about the oil and water. I will definitely try that one. Love the first glasses one. Thanks for sharing and have a great month. Sylvia D.

  3. How creative! I love the food coloring in the wine glasses. Of course, I’d like wine in the glasses too! The last shot is an interesting idea an I may need to try that one some day. I’ve worn glasses since 6th grade and they were a very stylish blue “cat eye” style. Now, when I wear glasses, they are progressives. My contacts are worn with one eye for distance and one for close up so I don’t wear the “cheater” glasses to read. Hope your week is off to a grand start. (I can’t seem to “like” your post from my mac laptop, so please know I love it!) xoxo

    1. I did the one contact for distance/one contact for reading thing for 3 or 4 years, but the reading correction lens was also the one I used to look through the viewfinder of my camera – not ideal. So now I’m using cheater glasses, as required – sewing,small-point font, etc. A price I’m willing to pay for an easier time focusing photos.

    1. The blue sunglasses are a bit of a statement. Given how long I tend to keep/use things, I’m sure they’ll be way out of style long before I’m ready to invest in another pair of sunglasses. Maybe long enough they’ll come back in?! 😉

    1. Thanks! Looking forward to blog hopping over the weekend, to see what everyone else came up with. We’re big fans of Lego, so I try to sneak at least one Lego pic in each month.

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