Photo Blogging Challenge – Letters (July 2020)

As a long-time blogger, I regularly notice how there’s something about translating thoughts into letters that makes the brain slow down. It’s a form of meditation, where the object of focus appears in black and white as fingers depress computer keys. On really good days, I enjoy a flow state from the time I click “start a new post” until I click “publish”. Those days are rare. For the photo blogging challenge, the process lasts a month!

I expect that at least some of the photos I conceived, shot, processed and selected for this month’s letters theme will be similar to those shared by other participants. But I hope that I brought enough imagination to the exercise that at least one will be unique. I look forward to finding out!

1. Lettermail

Between Zoom, Google Meets, messenger apps and email, good old letter mail is dying out. When I buy stamps, I buy the perpetual ones, because I pretty much never use up a 10-pack before postal rates go up!! And while we still make the daily walk to our community mailbox to check for lettermail, it’s almost always credit card and bank statements. Yes, I still opt for the paper statement option for this type of thing, as it’s easier to check receipts against a printout.


2. Lego Mail


3. Strings of Letters = Words

I noticed at least three kinds of wintergreen wildflowers while walking in Canmore this month: one-flowered (the white ones with the upside-down star-shaped blossoms), common (pink) and one-sided (no clarification needed). Then my unique sense of humour realized I had a fourth kind of wintergreen in my emergency snack pocket of my pack and that four kinds of wintergreen/wint-o-green could make for a fun Instagram layout!


4. “C” is for Cute

They may be cute, but I sometimes cuss at them (when they’re eating my strawberries, raspberries and veggies. Anyhow, this summer we’ve had several Rocky Mountain mule deer fawns in our suburban neighbourhood in west Calgary.


5. Sound it Out

I’m definitely old enough that when I started school, students learned to read phonetically…by sounding out each letter. Try sounding out okonomiyaki, which is what I packed for lunch the day we hiked Wind Ridge in early July. If you’re stumped, click through to this YouTube video for help.


That’s it from me. To see all the letter-inspired ideas from other challenge participants, check out the link-up at the bottom of PBC host PJ’s post.

While you’re there, please consider joining this photo blogging challenge. It’s basically a low-stress photo assignment – an excuse to hone photography skills. For each month’s theme, share five photos taken with any camera. The amount of accompanying text is up to you. The next theme will be posted at a ‘lil Hoohaa in early August.

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4 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge – Letters (July 2020)

  1. I love your words and images here. I used to write letters all the time but, like many, stopped once email and texting became so easy. Now, my hand cramps up when I write more than a sentence or two.

  2. Thank you for the link to Okonomiyaki – I had no idea what it was. So you actually managed to source all the ingredients necessary to make it? #impresesed

    Love the LEGO mailbox, oh and the deer! I understand they steal our food but they are still awfully cute. My Swiss friends who live in BC built a fence to keep the deer out.

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